Double Blast from the Past: Exo-Squad and Conan

So my wife read that this Christmas lots of folks were going old school and giving Christmas presents that carried nostalgia appeal. You know, stuff we loved as kids and can now pass on to our kids and get all misty-eyed and “back in my day” about. That sort of thing.

It must be true, because the most exciting (in my mind) gifts I got for my kids were the first seasons of Conan the Adventurer and Exo-Squad on DVD. Yes, you heard me right–those most awesome of television cartoons, the only shows that really warranted getting up at 6:00AM on Saturday mornings when the test patterns were still on (well, maybe add G.I. Joe to that list), have finally returned in all of their glory.

Exo-Squad follows the adventures of Lieutenant J.T. Marsh and the Exo-Fleet as they battle the brutal and blue Neo-Sapians. This show always stood out to me for its developing plot-line and its great space battles. If you missed it as a kid, I’m sorry for you. But it’s not too late!

Then there was Conan the Adventurer. This probably took pride of place for me as a kid, even over Exo-Squad. Conan and his sidekicks had some pretty rocking fantasy adventures–the kind of adventures I took to the back yard to have myself. There’s something about that theme song that gets me even now…

Now my only problem is figuring out whether my just-turned-four-year-old is really ready for these. Yet deep down I think I’m ready for both of us!