Novel Submitted!


Five years after beginning to write a novel, I finally sent it off to a publisher tonight.

Why in the world did it take so long, you ask? I actually had the thing written two and a half years ago, but then I spent six months or so editing it. By the end of that process I had this dim realization that it might be a good idea to get some formal training in writing.

So I took the next year off to take some very excellent writing classes. I learned a lot, including that my previous writing skills left something to be desired (okay, a lot of somethings).

I took the year off after that to focus on writing short stories and getting some published.

That brings us to this year. I started editing again some months ago, and it took far longer to complete than I had guessed. After getting used to a short story length, it was somewhat mind-boggling to return to the novel length. And then there was this pesky business of having to rewrite almost every single line, because dang, whoever wrote this rag really could have used some writing classes…

To give you an idea of what this process was like, the story went from 122,000 words to 112,000 words, all without removing any plot or character elements. I even added some stuff. Those ten thousand words got chopped out one sentence at a time as I streamlined, tightened, and generally embettered (*new word alert*) it.

So anyway, I’m relieved to finally have it “out there.” I’m actually about a fifth of the way though the sequel, so hopefully I can make some good progress by the time I hear back on my submission.

Bottom Line: I believe in this story again, love it, and hope that someone else will too.

So how about you? Do you have any slow writing stories?

Our First Catch of the Day

…or not.

A while back I invited folks to subscribe to my website using my *new super-duper subscribe by email* button. Problem was, it wasn’t actually working! So if you thought you had signed up before, or were about to sign up but instead got attacked by weasels (That must be the only reason why you wouldn’t subscribe, right?), then now you can rectify this dilemma with my *new super-duper subscribe by email and it will actually work* button. Behold its terrible glory at the top of this page’s right column.


There will be no one to stop us this time.

Land of the Beast


My flash fiction story “Land of the Beast” came out today in issue 18 at

This story began as a project in a creative writing class last year, and evolved into its present form. The editor of this ezine said he found it “deeply unsettling,” and I think that sums it up pretty well. If you could use some unsettling, give it a read.

Photo: by Darryl Smith, freelance photographer

Guy on a Buffalo

A friend of mine sent this to me saying he wanted to base a D&D character off of it. This leads me to the obvious conclusion that the only thing greater than imagining a man riding around on a buffalo and fighting evil-doers is actually seeing it.

If you liked that (and who wouldn’t), make sure you check out the other episodes. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can watch the whole movie off of which it is based, Buffalo Rider.